Vertigroove is a niche-website project covering transportation, news, information, real estate, hobbies, sports, markets, special interests, services and commerce.

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In 1999, there were 5 million global websites and 95 million Americans online. Today the Internet has expanded to over 1 billion websites and over 250 million Americans. Yet, despite this growth and the explosion of social media, the format of major search engines remains basically the same.
Just like the failing retail model of the American mall, major search engines shove consumers and merchants into an enclosed "first page / highest ranked" mentality, affordable only to the titans within each market, making visitors believe it's as good as it gets.
Well, it's not. America is a place where small-scale entrepreneurial success stories abound and they don't always end with a store on every corner. They end with happy customers and families who've worked hard to build and experience the American Dream. 
Vertigroove is set to become the corporate home of America's online scenic route. Whether shopping for a HackerCraft boat, a Shinola watch, or reading someone's opinion about the pancakes at Prospect Diner, each "America's Best" website we build will paint the American experience, big and small, and visitors are going to love it.
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Shad Rockstad, founder / owner